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Bangladesh kills Islamist group for Cafe Attack

Bangladesh kills Islamist group : Islamist group : Cafe Attack : Bangladesh Security Force

For Cafe Attack : Bangladesh kills Islamist group

  • Security forces in Bangladesh killed at least 11 suspected militants in three separate raids Saturday in an ongoing crackdown against Islamic extremism in the South Asian nation, a top government official said.
  • While the suspects were members of the banned group Jumatul Mujahedeen Bangladesh, or JMB,
  • Which the government has blamed for a deadly attack in July at a restaurant in Dhaka
  • Seven extremists were killed” in Gazipur district after counter-terrorism officers stormed a militant hideout, Gazipur police chief Harun-or-Rashid told AFP.
  • Since the men were killed in operations in the Dhaka suburb of Gazipur and the central district of Tangail
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Bangladesh kills Islamist group

  • The raids began Saturday morning based on information that the militants were in the area.
  • Some firearms, bullets and meat cleavers were found during the raids
  • Bangladesh has recently been hit by Islamist extremists, with the July 1 restaurant attack leaving 20 hostages dead, including 17 foreigners.

  • Since that attack, the government has intensified its crackdown on suspected militant groups and killed some top JMB leaders.


Bangladesh kills Islamist group

  • The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the restaurant attack, but authorities have denied that, saying it was the act of JMB, and that the IS has no presence in the Muslim-majority country.


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