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Blackheads – Whiteheads – How To Remove at Home In Just 7 Days

Blackheads – Whiteheads – How To Remove at Home In Just 7 Days.


How to remove blackheads 11

  • When life offers you a cluster of blackheads and whiteheads, please don’t make anything of them.
  • They are there to be destroyed. So, get rid of them and nurse them as early as possible.
  • Well, instead of seeking some professional assistance and treating them chemically, you can always go for some natural custom-made remedies so as to get rid of the clogged pores.
  • If you are thinking to try or have already tried scrubbing, then let me clear you that excessive scrubbing is a not-so-good option to remove stubborn blackheads and whiteheads.
  • However, if you want a blackheads-free life, put these home remedies to use and experience the change in just a week.
  • P.S: I know I am great at solving such issues. Well, read it now and thank me later.
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This remedy involves three steps.

removal of blackheads11


Step 1: Take lukewarm water and a towel.

removal of blackheads 22


Soak the towel in lukewarm water.

removal of blackheads 33

After soaking, dab that towel on the affected region. Steam will help in opening of pores which will help in remove blackheads and whiteheads quite easily.


Step 2: Exfoliating.

removal of blackheads 4

For exfoliating or scrubbing, you’ll need:

(i) Take 1 tsp of rice flour

removal of blackheads 5

(ii) Lemon juice

removal of blackheads 6

And then take 2 tsp of lemon juice and add into rice flour.

(iii) Honey

removal of blackheads 7

Then mix 1/2 tsp honey into the mixture.

After adding all the ingredients, mix them well.

removal of blackheads 8

You’ll get a paste.

After having the paste, apply it on the affected region.

removal of blackheads 9

Here, it is demonstrated on the hands. You can use it as per your need. You can even store the paste in refrigerator up to two weeks.

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Step 3: The final step

removal of blackheads 10

For the last step, you’ll need

(i) 4 tsp cold water.

(ii) Tea tree essential oil

removal of blackheads 11

Take only 2 to 3 drops of the oil and mix it with water.

Stir the mixture properly.

removal of blackheads 12

And then…

(iii) You’ll need a cotton ball to apply the mixture.

removal of blackheads 13

You can even use your fingers but cotton swab will work better.

So, time to apply and go blackheads-free.

removal of blackheads 14

Repeat the remedies twice a week and see the change in just no time.

Watch the video for better understanding !!


A ‘plug’ in a skin pore.

  • Blackheads are a combination of sebum and dead skin cells which hardens and forms a ‘plug’
  • Because this plug is in contact with the outside air, it oxidizes and turns a blackish color.



They’re most commonly found on the t-zone, as well as the top of the cheeks on oily skins. You might also get them in your ears, or on your back.

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Why do blackheads form on our skin?

  • oily skin has larger poresthere is more chance of a blackhead forming in a larger pore, and probably most importantly – there is more chance you will NOTICE this blackhead has formed in a larger pore
  • pore size and an oily skin is mostly genetics, but can be aggravated by using harsh soaps and incorrect skin care
  • fine pores (even ones that are invisible to the naked eye) can also have ‘blackheads’ which you just can’t see – I’ve seen these blockages under a magnifying mirror in treatments.


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