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Dengue: Causes, Symptoms Prevention and Treatment


About Dengue :

  • The mosquito-borne viral disease Dengue has become one of the worst nightmares of the country.
  • The symptoms of the disease show in three to seven days.
  • And recovery from dengue too does not take over a week unless the condition gets severe.
  • Mostly asymptomatic, if the condition gets critical, dengue can be life-threatening.




Causes :

  • Dengue is caused by the bite of one of the many types of mosquitoes in the genus “Aedes Aegypti”.


Symptoms :

  • Doctors say that more than half people infected with the virus remain asymptomatic, that is, they do not show any symptoms.

The ones who do show signs of the disease may show any or all of the following:

– High fever

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– Intense sweating

– Pain in joints

– Nausea and vomiting

– Loss in appetite

– Drop in blood pressure

– Skin rash

– Swelling in hands and soles of feet

  • If the situation worsens, there can be a drop in the level of blood platelets, blood plasma leakage or the blood pressure can drop down to a critically low point which may lead a circulatory collapse (shock).

Prevention :

  • As the dengue virus is mostly active during early morning and evening, special precautions should be taken during these times of the day.
  • Tropical and sub-tropical areas are more prone to the disease, hence travelling from and to these regions should be avoided.
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The following precautions can be adhered to in order to prevent the incidence of dengue:

– Ensure improved water storage

– Ensure proper waste disposal

– Strictly avoid water stagnancy

– Use mosquito repellents containing 10 per cent DEET but ensure that you read the warning label on them carefully

– Avoid dark colored clothing as mosquitoes are attracted to darker shades

– Wear light colored, full-sleeved clothes

– Opt for natural mosquito repellents like marigold and lemon grass




Treatment :

  • There is no specific medicine to treat dengue infection. If you think you may have dengue fever.
  • You should use pain relievers with acetaminophen and avoid medicines with aspirin, which could worsen bleeding.
  • You should also rest, drink plenty of fluids, and see your doctor.
  • If you start to feel worse in the first 24 hours after your fever goes down, you should get to a hospital immediately to be checked for complications.
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Disclaimer : The views and opinions expressed by the Doctors are their independent professional judgment and we do not take any responsibility for the accuracy of their views. This should not be considered as a substitute for Physician’s advice. Please consult your treating Physician for more details.








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