Election Commission announces dates of Election in 5 states

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On January 4, 2017
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Election Commission announces dates of Election :UP in 7 phases starting Feb 11; Goa, Punjab on Feb 4; Uttarakhand on Feb 15; Manipur on March 4,8

Election Commission announces dates of Election

  • Uttar Pradesh will vote in seven phases starting February 11 with the final round of polling for the politically crucial state on March 8, the election commission announced on Wednesday.
  • Uttar Pradesh Election dates are February 11, 15, 19, 23 and 27 and on March 4 and 8
  • Punjab and Goa will vote in a single phase on February 4.
  • Uttarakhand will vote on February 15 and Manipur in two phases on March 4 and 8.
  • Counting of votes in all five states will take place on March 11.
  • In all, some 160 million people will be eligible to vote in these five states.
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Election Commission announces dates of Election

  • The elections are seen as a test of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s policies, including a contentious ban on high-value banknotes and a decision to strike militants across India’s de facto border with Pakistan.
  • The polls are billed by many experts as a potential “semi-final” for the 2019 general elections.
  • The polls are also crucial for the future of smaller parties.
  • The vote comes at a time when the Samajwadi Party, which rules Uttar Pradesh, is wracked by an internal power struggle.
  • It will also determine whether Aam Aadmi Party, which will contest for the first time in Punjab, can widen its influence beyond Delhi.
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Election Commission announces dates of ElectionElection Commission announces dates of Election
  • For the first time, ballots will carry photos of candidates.
  • The election commission also announced a set of new rules for candidates contesting the elections, including opening separate bank accounts to pay for campaign expenses.
  • The panel said candidates must pay from these accounts by cheque for any campaign expense above Rs20,000.
  • They will have to provide all details of expenses to the commission by no later than 75 days after the elections.
  • Candidates in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Uttarakhand can spend Rs28 lakh each, while those in Goa and Manipur can spend up to Rs20 lakh each.
  • They will also have to furnish an additional affidavit undertaking that they do not have any outstanding government bills.
  • With the announcement of the voting dates, a model code of conduct kicks in, restricting the central and state governments from announcing new schemes and sops.
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