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Fake ATM Notes : What to do , How to Identify, How to Complaint

Fake ATM Notes : What to do , How to Identify, How to Complaint.


An Incedent of CHENNAI:-

  • When a Corporation Bank employee withdrew 27 fake bank notes from an ATM in Chennai this month, the spotlight is back on ATM security and customer protection.
  • For customers, who get fake notes out of an ATM, usually there is no legal recourse as it becomes very difficult for them to establish the source of the fake note.
  • Tamizharasan was luckily a bank employee, and he immediately noticed that the notes were fake.
  • He registered a police complaint, and the bank has promised to reimburse him. But in the case of many customers, that doesn’t happen.



 A cyber-crime officials in the city, said.

  • “Once you get Fake ATM Notes from an ATM, the problem is establishing the source – that it was the ATM machine, the bank’s network at fault and not the customer.
  • Banks are never going to give real notes for counterfeits based only on the customer’s word.
  • It is actually a little worrying as this is the second case we noted in this month,” 

Watch Video:  How To Identify Fake Notes

  • In recent months, there have been a few other cases of Fake ATM Notes being dispensed from ATMs in different metros in India.
  • The Reserve Bank of India has set out guidelines for banks that they will need to check all the currency notes received before accepting notes from depositors.
  • Banks again have to check the genuineness of notes before sending them for refills at ATMs.
  • If banks are employing ATM management agencies, then the onus is on the agencies to check the notes before loading the ATMs.
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Cyber-crime officials alos said.

  • “In the confidence that they have hired professional ATM managers, some banks might not be rigorously checking the notes that enter their system.
  • If the incident had happened to someone, who was unconnected with the banking industry, then it is possible that it would have been a dead loss to them,” 

Fake ATM Notes

  • Since on an average day, banks load Rs 3-4 lakh in intra-city ATMs and Rs 1-2 lakh in suburban area ATMs.
  • In high-traffic zones like T Nagar, Parry’s, Koyambedu, where there are high footfalls, ATMs are loaded with up to Rs 10 lakh a day.
  • The RBI has mandated that banks should be equipped with proper authentication machines.


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N Raghunathan, vice-president, Lakshmi Vilas Bank said .

  • “We have currency checking machines, and check the currency notes for counterfeits, soiled and torn notes everyday.
  • We start checking the notes as soon as the branches open at 9.30am and the ATM agents’ vans normally come to pick between 11am and 12pm.
  • There is a rigorous system in place,”


How To report:-

  • 1.       Identify Fake ATM Notes.
  • 2.       Write down the series of the note that is present at the right top and left bottom of the note.
  • 3.       Present the transaction slip and the passbook of the account holder.
  • While police recommend that customers, who have received fake notes from the ATM, hold up the fake ATM notes in front of the CCTV camera.
  • “If the camera is not working, there will be a guard at each ATM.
  • It is better to try and raise the complaint at the ATM itself as it will be more difficult to prove the origin of the note, once a person steps out of an ATM,” said cyber-crime officials.
  • Since most of the newer ATM range, brought out by ATM managers like FSS, AGS, CMS and OEM makers like Diebold, NCR and Hitachi have ATMs with technology for reliable banknote recognition and handling.
  • “Our intelligent ATMs can now detect counterfeits during both cash deposits and cash withdrawals,” said Ravi Goyal, chairman & MD, AGS Transact Technologies Ltd.
  • However, many banks still have ATMs that are 12-14 years old and with outdated technology.
  • “Now that the RBI has mandated that all ATMs must be EMV-enabled, you can expect an overall upgrade in the industry and security at ATMs to go up,” added Goyal.
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