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First Black Santa : Hired By Largest Mall Of America , Live interview, Pics

First Black Santa :  Hired By Largest Mall Of America, Live, .



  1. Largest mall in the US is hosting its first-ever black Santa Claus.
  2. Santa experience says they “want Santa to be for everyone, period.”
  3. Larry Jefferson will play Santa in the Dallas-area.

LIVE INTERVIEW of Larry Jefferson !!

  • United States’ largest mall is hosting its first-ever black Santa Claus this this weekend.
  • The Star-Tribune reports The Mall of America in suburban Minneapolis hired Larry Jefferson to play Kris Kringle from Thursday to Sunday as part of its Santa Experience.


  • Santa Experience co-owner Landon Luther says they “want Santa to be for everyone, period.” With that in mind, he tells the newspaper he launched a nationwide search for a diverse Santa and found Jefferson at a Santa convention in Branson, Missouri, over the summer.
  • He was the only black Santa among the 1,000 impersonators in attendance.


  • Jefferson tells WCCO-TV that playing the jolly old elf is “no big deal” to him, saying “I’m still Santa, I just happen to be a Santa of color.”
  • Jefferson will return home to play Santa in the Dallas-area after Sunday.
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Study: Believing in Santa Claus could be damaging to children.

(pics are not involved )


  • A new study poses the theory that kids believing in Santa Claus could be damaging in the long run and cause them to distrust parents.
  • CBS News reports that the study by a psychology professor at the University of Exeter in the U.K. hypothesized that the “morality of making children believe in such myths has to be questioned.”



Latest Study :

  • “If they are capable of lying about something so special and magical, can they be relie upon to continue as the guardians of wisdom and truth?” the study said. “If adults have been lying about Santa, even though it has usually been well intention, what else is a lie? If Santa isn’t real, are fairies real? Is magic? Is God?”
  • In a statement, Professor Christopher Boyle said that children will discover that they’ve been lied to for years and may wonder about other lies being told to them.
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  • “Whether it’s right to make children believe in Father Christmas is an interesting question . And it’s also interesting to ask whether lying in this way will affect children in ways that have not been consider,” Boyle says.
  • But a psychology professor at Wake Forest University told CBS News that she disagrees with Boyle’s research, saying that she finds nothing wrong with a little make believe.
  • “I think lie is a harsh word to use here,” Deborah Best said. “I think a better way to look at it is that it’s a family secret.”


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LIVE INTERVIEW of Larry Jefferson !!

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