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Geeta Phogat wedding : Aamir Khan attended | Live video | Pics | interview

Geeta Phogat wedding:  Aamir Khan attends , See inside pics and  Live video.

  • On Sunday, Geeta Phogat — India’s first woman wrestler to compete at the Olympics — got married to fellow wrestler Pawan Kumar. But for Balali, it wasn’t just another wedding.
  • Balali is a dusty and nondescript village on the highway to Bhiwani. It is easily missable.
  • which seldom makes news for the wedding of a woman.
  • But this time, the bride is special.
  • Superstar Aamir Khanvisited the village on Sunday to attend the wedding of Mahaveer Singh Phogat’s daughter, Geeta.
  • And Geeta is a gold winning wrestling champion. For the uninitiated, she is one of India’s most celebrated woman wrestlers and since cricket has dominated the country, superstar Aamir Khan is trying to throw some light on wrestling and the story of an inspiring family, in his upcoming film Dangal.
  • More about Geeta Phogat will be learnt when Dangal releases next month.
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  • Aamir Khan plays the role of Geeta’s onscreen father and the former wrestler himself, Mahavir Singh Phogat.
  • And Aamir, as promised to the Phogat family, made it a point to be present at Geeta’s wedding.
  • He congratulated the family.
  • The Dil Chahta Hai actor says  he want to gift Geeta her bridal dress, but  bride’s maternal uncle do that traditionally.

Geeta Phogat wedding:  Aamir Khan attends , See inside pics and  Live video.

  • Hence, he stuck to a fruit box. Aamir further said his gift to the Phogat family is his film Dangal.
  • Aamir has been coming to this village for two years while preparing for the sports biopic. He shot at Phogat’s old house too.
  • Makers did some alterations to the house to suit the creative aspects of the film.
  • One can see a beautiful painting of two wrestlers on the wall which was painted for the film.
  • Inhabitants of the village who are not so used to being surrounded by journalists and shutterbugs said they are happy about the film.
  • They said this will give motivation to young girls here.
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Geeta Phogat wedding:  Aamir Khan attends , See inside pics and  Live video.

  •  Rajesh Jakhar, neice of Mahavir Phogat said,
  • “There was a lot of protest when Phogat used to train his girls.
  • But now the mentality has changed after Geeta and other girls won world championships.
  • Mahavir has now gone to Bollywood. The entire nation can see him now.
  • He trains 15-20 girls from the village.
  • “A lot of Bollywood films are going made in Haryana. It is a special place,” Aamir says also .
  • While infront the media he also took this opportunity to deliver a dialogue from his upcoming film, “Mari choriya choro se kam hai ka”,  thereby subtly promoting his film also .
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