HIV AIDS Bill 2014 Review , Highlights, History , Reason, Aim

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On October 6, 2016
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According to the amendment, complaints of discrimination against HIV patients will now be probed in cases where they are denied health services, education, jobs or housing.

HIV AIDS Bill 2014 Review

HIV AIDS Bill 2014  Review , Highlights, History , Reason, Aim  !


With the HIV and AIDS (Prevention and Control) Bill, 2014, approved by the Union cabinet on Wednesday, the situation is about to change for better, hope social activists.


  • According to the amendment, complaints of discrimination against HIV patients will now be probed in cases where they are denied health services, education, jobs or housing also .
  • “Even NACO guidelines talk against discrimination.
  • But that has hardly been followed.



HIV AIDS Bill 2014  Review

  • The aim is to prevent and control the spread of HIV and AIDS.
  • Prohibit discrimination against the affected.
  • Provide for informed consent and confidentiality with regard to their treatment.
  • And place obligations on establishments to safeguard their rights, and create mechanisms for redressing complaints also .

REASONS to Pass Bill :-


HIV AIDS Bill 2014  Review

  • The hospitals do not directly say they are refusing because our patient is HIV infected, they give excuses, making it difficult to hold them accountable.
  • Similar is the case with schools,” added Seshu.
  • NGO Sangram has 225 children under its umbrella, all in government schools.
  • The NGO data also shows that in cases where a patient’s confidentiality about medical condition is revealed, the school refuses admission.
  • About 50 students have been admitted in private colleges since there is no government institute for higher education after much efforts.
  • In Mumbai, Goregaon-based Desire Society has 30 children at its shelter home.
  • While four children — who are not HIV positive but have lost their parents to HIV — were given admission in a Goregaon West private convent school, about 21 children who were tested HIV positive had to be admitted in BMC-run schools.
  • “Some schools are cooperative. But this is an every-year problem we face with certain schools.
  • They fear backlash from parents if they give admission to HIV child,” said Rekha Rane from the NGO.
  • According to Dr Shrikala Acharya, project director of Mumbai District Aids Control Society, the outright discrimination has reduced in last few years although few complaints keep coming to them.
  • “There are still misconceptions. In schools, if we counsel about the disease, the authority agrees to admit the child.
  • Even in health facility, instances of private centres which would earlier send HIV patients to government hospitals have now reduced,” Acharya said.
  • She, however, added that the bill will be a game changer in changing mindset of people who continue to hold that HIV-affected patients are infectious.



HIV AIDS Bill 2014  Review

According to the Bill, the governments (central and state) shall take measures to:
  • Provide anti-retroviral therapy and infection management for persons with HIV or AIDS.
  • Facilitate their access to welfare schemes especially for women and children.
  • Formulate HIV or AIDS education communication programmes that are age appropriate, gender sensitive, and non-stigmatizing also .
  • Lay guidelines for the care and treatment of children with HIV or AIDS
  • Every person in the care and custody of the state shall have right to HIV prevention.
  • Right to testing, treatment and counseling services.
  • Cases relating to HIV positive persons should dispose in the court on a priority basis also .
  • He  duly ensuring the confidentiality.

HIV AIDS Bill 2014


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