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HIV Cure : Possible HIV Cure Found ?

AIDS Cure : HIV Cure : HIV Treatment 

HIV Cure : Experiment Completely Erases HIV From Man’s Blood

  • Looks like a new research has found out a possible cure for HIV infection
  • UK scientists and clinicians working on a groundbreaking trial to test a possible cure for HIV infection said that they have made remarkable progress after a test patient showed no sign of the virus following treatment, reports the Guardian.
  • Since the research, being carried out by five of Britain’s top universities with NHS support
  • It is combining standard antiretroviral drugs with a drug that reactivates dormant HIV
  • And a vaccine that induces the immune system to destroy the infected cells.
HIV Cure : HIV Treatment 

HIV Cure

  • Antiretoviral drugs alone are highly effective at stopping the virus from reproducing but do not eradicate the disease, so must be taken for life.
  • Furthermore Reportedly, fifty patients are taking part in the trial. Early tests on the first person to complete the treatment show no signs of the virus in his blood.
  • There is still a long way to go before the treatment can be deemed a success as the virus has previously re-emerged in people thought to have been “cured”
  • And the use of antiretroviral drugs means the researchers cannot be sure the HIV has gone.
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HIV Cure

  • “This is one of the first serious attempts at a full cure for HIV. We are exploring the real possibility of curing HIV. This is a huge challenge and it’s still early days but the progress has been remarkable.” Source said
  • The treatment endeavours to trick the virus into emerging from its hiding places and then trigger the body’s immune system to recognise it and attack it, an approach that has been called “kick and kill.”
  • There are approximately 37 million people living with HIV worldwide and about 35 million people have died from the virus.
HIV Cure : HIV Treatment 

HIV Cure


  • The only person believed to have been cured was Timothy Ray Brown, an American treated in Germany.
  • He needed a bone marrow transplant to replace his own cancerous cells with stem cells that would remake his immune system
  • His doctor found him a donor who was naturally resistant to HIV infection due to a genetic mutation that blocks HIV from entering the cells in the human body.
  • However, stem cell transplants are difficult and potentially dangerous for the recipient
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HIV Cure

“I took part in the trial to help others as well as myself,” the patient, told The Sunday Times. “It would be a massive achievement if, after all these years, something is found to cure people of this disease. The fact that I was a part of that would be incredible.”

(Source : Business Standard)





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