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Jesus Christ statue just open eyes! This is making everyone guessing….

Jesus Christ statue just open its eyes. everyone surprised!

We love miracles, don’t we?

Jesus Christ3

  • A video taken at the Chapel of Saltillo in Mexico’s state of Coahuila de Zaragoza.

Jesus Christ6

  • According to Ivan Escamilla,a self-proclaimed paranormal expert,
  • the video is absolutely genuine and has not been doctored with.
  • He claims around 20 paranormal experts and priests have analysed the video for over weeks before they decided that Jesus had actually opened his eyes.

Jesus Christ2

Jesus Christ

  • Escamila is the founder of Adimensional, where the video was initially posted before the Internet went bonkers.
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Roman Catholic church refused it:-

Jesus Christ7

  • According to Daily Mail report, the Roman Catholic church of Saltillo has dismissed the video and has refused to watch it.
  • Many doubting Thomas’ across the world have also written off the video as a shoddy work of animation.

Jesus Christ1

Jesus Christ

“C’mon this isn’t real, Why would anyone be filming a statue, instead of the service in a church. You would only do this if you wanted to make this kind of footage or if someone already saw this happen therefore The chances that this actually happened are really low.”,


Another user has tried explaining on the Internet.

“Jesus Himself said in Revelation 13, verses 14-15, that the evil one will make a statue (an idol) that will come alive and bring destruction on the true believers.”,

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Some other illusions:-

concentrate you will see The Open Eyes.

Jesus Christ4

Jesus Christ5

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