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Modi in Gujarat | Modi Speech on Demonetisation : Read Now

Modi in Gujarat | Modi Speech on Demonetisation

  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday attacked the opposition for disrupting Parliament over the demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes and said that he was not being allowed to speak in Parliament.
  • The government has always said that it is ready for a debate in Parliament. But, I am not being allowed to speak in the Lok Sabha so I am speaking in the Jan Sabha,” PM Modi said
  • “India wants to progress. Corruption and black money is slowing our progress and adversely affecting the poor. These evils have to end,” he said.
  • Modi also said that demonetisation has broken the backbone of terrorism and Naxalism.

PM Narendra Modi is attending the inauguration of Amul cheese plant in Deesa town of North Gujarat. He is addressing the farmers.

Modi Speech in Gujarat :

  • The farmer of North Gujarat has shown to the world what he or she is capable of.
  • I am told it is after a very long time that a Prime Minister is visiting Banaskantha. But, I am here not as PM but as a son of this soil.
  • There was a time when people from Kutch & Banaskantha would leave their homes in search of better opportunities. It is not the case now.
  • When I took over as Chief Minister, I would tell farmers that you need to focus on water as much as you focus on electricity.
  • The farmers in Banaskantha heard my request and embraced drip irrigation. This changed their lives and lives of future generations.
  • The farmers here turned to dairy and animal husbandry. This was beneficial for the farmers.
  • Along with ‘Shwet Kranti’, here there is also a ‘Sweet Kranti.’ People are being trained in honey products.
  • The cheese of Amul brand is very popular worldwide.
  • Today everyone in the nation is discussing the issue of currency notes.
  • We took the decision on currency notes to strengthen the hands of the poor of the nation.
  • Lower denomination notes have a greater power today.
  • Poor (chote log) have more strength than the rich (bade log).
  • For how long can poor of India be told to pay for houses in cash. For how long will poor be asked- you want Pucca bill or Kuccha bill.
  • Who is unhappy with corruption? Not those perpetrating corruption…it is the poor, the common citizens who are unhappy.
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Modi in Gujarat | Modi Speech on DemonetisationModi in Gujarat | Modi Speech on Demonetisation
  • With our step on currency notes, we have been successful in weakening the hands of terrorists, those in fake currency rackets.
  • We are standing with the poor of the nation.
  • Since we belong to a nation where we do not think- what my interest.
  • We are not a selfish nation. We think about future generations.
  • Parliament is not being allowed to function.
  • Happenings in Parliament anguished our President, who has tremendous political experience.
  • Government has always said we are ready to debate. I am not being allowed to speak in Lok Sabha so I am speaking in the Jan Sabha.
  • From the land of Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Patel I want to share something with my friends in the Opposition.
  • Yes, during elections we have a lot of heated debates. But we all call for increased voter turnout.
  • Likewise, yes, you can oppose me but do teach people about banking, using technology for financial transactions.
  • Merely talking about the poor is different from working for the poor, something that the NDA government is always doing.
  • Had asked for 50 days. You will see how things will change. This is a major step to rid the nation from corruption.
  • The people who have committed new sins after November 8, they will not be spared at any cost.
  • Today your banks and wallets are in your mobile. This is how things have changed.
  • I urge you all to integrate people with e-banking, e-wallets.
  • India wants to progress. Corruption and black money is slowing our progress and adversely affecting the poor. These evils have to end.
  • These games of looting the poor and exploiting the middle classes will now be history.
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