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Mosul Battle : France calls for global meeting LIVE News

Mosul Battle : France calls for global meeting LIVE News.



6.15 p.m. I.S.T

  • France’s foreign minister is pulling together an urgent international meeting for a stabilisation plan for Mosul as the push to free the city from the Islamic State group advances.
  • Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said on Tuesday that he and his Iraqi counterpart, Ibrahim a-Jaafari, would gather more than 20 countries and international organisations to come up with a plan to protect civilians, distribute aid and address questions about governing areas newly liberated by the Islamic State group.

Mosul Battle : France calls for global meeting.


6.00 p.m. I.S.T

  • Turkey’s prime minister has backtracked from his comments earlier in the day stating that the Turkish air force had taken part in airstrikes during the operation underway to free Mosul from the Islamic State group.
  • Asked for clarification about it, Binali Yildirim told reporters later Tuesday that there is an agreement “in principle” for the Turkish air force to be part of the U.S.-led coalition.
  • The remarks were reported by the state-run Anadolu Agency.
  • Anadolu quoted Yildirim as saying the planes would join the aerial operations “when necessary.”
  • When asked if Turkish planes had already joined coalition operations, Yildirim said— “I don’t know the details of the operation but what is important is for them to be part of the coalition.”
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5.45 p.m. I.S.T

  • While a U.N. official says the world body expects people to start fleeing the northern Iraqi city of Mosul “basically any minute now.”
  • Spokesman Jens Laerke of U.N. humanitarian aid coordinator OCHA also told reporters on Tuesday in Geneva that “we haven’t seen any big rush out yet” from Iraq’s second-largest city.
  • Iraq’s government on Monday launched an operation to recapture the city from the radical Islamic State group.
  • Several U.N. agencies have been stepping up preparations for an expected exodus from Mosul also .
  • U.N. officials variously expressed concerns that IS could use chemical weapons or use civilians as human shields to try to fend off a government advance.
  • Refugee agency UNHCR also expressed concerns that it might not have enough land to set up tent camps for evacuees.
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Mosul Battle : France calls for global meeting.

Mosul Battle


5.27 p.m. I.S.T

  • Since the anti-Islamic State coalition’s battle to take Mosul in Iraq from the militant Islamist group will take time and “won’t be a Blitzkrieg,” French Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian told Reuters on Tuesday.
  • “This battle is crucial because it is the stronghold of Daesh,” he told reporters using an acronoym for Islamic State.
  • “Mosul is the stronghold of our enemy… but the battle will be long, it won’t be a Blitzkrieg, this is a town of a million-and-a-half inhabitants so it’s a long term affair, several weeks, perhaps months,” he said.



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