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Mumbai RTI Activist Bhupendra Vira murder : Shot dead

Mumbai RTI Activist Bhupendra Vira murder

RTI activist working against land mafia shot dead :Mumbai RTI Activist Bhupendra Vira murder

  • A 72-year-old Right to Information activist was killed in Mumbai on the weekend by a man who barged into his home, held a gun to his head and fired.
  • Bhupendra Vira was watching TV at his home in Santa Cruz on Saturday, when the killer entered around 9 pm and shot him in the head, say the police.
  • Since the shooter is suspected to have used a silencer; Mr Vira’s wife, who was reportedly in the house, didn’t hear anything.
  • While the activist had reportedly told his wife to keep the front door open.
    Mumbai RTI Activist Bhupendra Vira murde
  • Mr Vira had led a campaign against land grabbing and illegal constructions in his colony.
  • Since,Based on his family’s complaint, the police have filed a case against Razzaq Khan, a former Congress corporator with whom the activist allegedly had many confrontations.
  • Furthermore,Activist and former Aam Aadmi Party leader Anjali Damania, who had worked closely with Mr Vira, alleged that he was murdered because of his relentless fight against illegal land dealings.
    Mumbai RTI Activist Bhupendra Vira murde
  • While,The police are investigating whether Mr Vira had complained about any threat to his life. Ms Damania alleges that he and several other activists had been threatened and they had also told the police.
  • Recently, Ms Damania said, Mr Vira had persuaded civic officials to take action against four illegal construction sites.
  • Furthermore, Mr Vira was attached to the ‘Voice of Kalina’, a citizen’s group. He has three children, a daughter and two sons. One of the sons had allegedly been stabbed four years ago.
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