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Navjot Singh Sidhu To Float a new political front ‘Awaaz e Punjab’

Navjot Singh sidhu

Navjot Singh Sidhu  To Float a new political front ‘Awaaz e Punjab’

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NEW DELHI:  Navjot Singh Sindhu has floated a new political  front called “Awaaz-e-Punjab.”

Navjot Kaur Sidhu, Wife of Navjot Singh Sindhu, said:-

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“Along with Pargat Singh and Bains brothers, we have formed a front,”  
The front formed by Navjot Singh Sidhu, Pargat Singh and Bains brothers willl be called “Awaaz-e-Punjab”.


  • The ‘Awaaz-e-Punjab’ will be formally launched next week.
  • Sidhu wanted to be the chief ministerial candidate of AAP,.
  • Arvind Kejriwal on August 19, said that the cricketer- turned-politician had not put any pre-condition and just needed “time to think” about his future plans.

 From Twitter:-

Kejriwal further tweeted :
“He is a very good human being and a cricket legend. My respect for him would continue whether he joins or not.”
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  • Navjot Singh Sidhu and former India captain Pargat Singh announced a joint front to contest the upcoming elections in Punjab.
  • The party  Awaz-e-Punjab, will contest all the 117 Assembly seats in elections scheduled at the beginning of next year.
  • It will be led by Sidhu.
  • New front appears to be a congregation of leaders rubbed the wrong way by Kejriwal.
  •  Kejriwal reportedly ditche Sidhu and Singh after invitation to join the AAP.
  • The alliance had become inevitable after the recent rumblings in AAP and a series of steps taken by Sidhu that had turned him into a political pariah.
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Reason May Behind The descision:-

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A few weeks ago, when Sidhu resign from the Rajya Sabha, it was widely believe that he will join the AAP and become its chief ministerial candidate in Punjab. But, Kejriwal shut the door on Sidhu, turning him into an envelope without a post office.





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