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Passengers movie review – Is it a love story, Space Opera, Adventure, Emotional drama ?

Passengers movie review – Is it a love story, Space Opera, Adventure, Emotional drama ?

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MOVIE:-    Passengers
Director:-  Morten Tyldum
Cast:             Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt
Rating:       2.5/5

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  • Space is a mysterious place: majestic, abound and infinite.
  • But it is still not a bigger mystery than Passengers.
  • Is it a space opera, an adventure film, an emotional drama or a love story? It tries to be everything at the same time but ends up being a wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey mess.
  • In theory, Passengers could turn on any science fiction fan: a 120-year journey through space where one man (Chris Pratt) in hyper-sleep wakes up 90 years before his time, all alone on a spaceship.
  • He knows he will die alone.
  • But before they reach their destination, he has the option of waking up anyone he chooses from the 5,000 fellow travellers.
  • And he sets his eyes on the best one: a beautiful, charming sleeping beauty (Jennifer Lawrence).
  • After winning a short battle with his conscience on whether or not have her suffer the same fate, he decides to do the deed.
  • Just like the prince in the fairy tale, he wakes her up without her consent.
  • What a brilliant proposal! The idea itself gives you goosebumps. It sure gave me some when I first heard of it.
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Passengers movie review

Passengers movie review

  • Passengers could have been one of the best films of our time.
  • Millions of miles away from Earth, we could have gotten a window into the psyche of humanity: why do we do the things we do, how desperate are we for a connection and a purpose or can selfishness ever be justified?
  • However, all we got was a sloppy excuse that suddenly turned into an adventure flick in the last and most important 30 minutes.
  • Had it stayed on course, the distractions been fewer and the goal been narrower, perhaps we would have seen a winner.
  • But despite all that Lawrence gave to the film, it doesn’t live up to expectations.
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Passengers movie review

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  • The chemistry between Pratt and Lawrence is fresh but doesn’t strike a balance.
  • While she masters every light or heavy scene with the kind of performance expected of an Academy Award nominee, he still needs help letting go of his Parks and Recreation charisma.
  • However, casting Pratt was a good choice too in a way because we are expected to not feel contempt towards the guy who is just another person banished to a life of loneliness.
  • His hard-to-shed image of a lovable idiot may have matured to that of a lovable hottie, but it is still very difficult to hate a face that looks like Chris Pratt.
  • But despite the difficulty, we somehow still managed to hate the character he played.
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