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Reliance jio is Mukesh Ambani’s $20 billion big start-up After oil business

Reliance jio is Mukesh Ambani’s  $20 billion start-up After oil business!

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 Mukesh Ambani said,

“For Reliance… data is the new oil, and intelligent data is the new petrol,” 

Understand in Short

  • The Reliance jio project could make RIL the most comprehensive provider of telecom and Internet services across India.
  • And give it unprecedented access to the country’s untapped ‘big data’—how millions eat, shop and have fun.
  • Mukesh Ambani  is the 59-year-old India’s richest man.

Mukesh Ambani

  • Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL), an oil and gas group, is the country’s most profitable.
  • Now, Ambani is betting  $20 billion on building, from scratch, a national digital empire stretching from phones and hardware to home entertainment and custom-made apps also .
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  • Reliance jio is unlikely to contribute significantly to RIL profits anytime soon, but is too hugely significant for its future.
  • Jio is a potentially landmark opportunity for India, Beacuse smartphone usage has Expanded and services such as mobile payments and online entertainment have become commonplace.
  • Reliance jio is testing  its network by offering free connections with unlimited data for a three-month period.
  • Jio, is not yet commercially launched, but it raise hopes of cheaper, more reliable data for Indian users.

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About ambition of Reliance:-

  • India’s 1.3 billion population are not online, and Jio hopes to capture 100 million users  within a year of launch.
  • Reliance jio, named from a Hindi exhortation to ‘live on’,
  • According to commerce ministry, Jio has more than Rs 32,500 crore of long-term debt.
  • Other liabilities topping Rs 58,000 crore as of March also.
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reliance jio office

  • In addition, RIL has spent over Rs.29,000 crore on Jio and is expected to invest more.
  • Reliance says its oil business is pumping out cash, and any investment in Jio has to be ambitious.
  • Mukesh was laying fibre cables again and set up a subsidiary, Rancore, to build its own mobile telephony technology.
  • In 2010, Mukesh’s Reliance Industries bought Infotel Broadband and decided it to offer more than a high-speed 4G network service.
  • Airtel, Vodafone and Idea declined to comment on Jio.

Know About Reliance City:-

  • Reliance jio has a  biggest campus, a sprawling cluster of glass buildings, manicured lawns and giant Jio logos outside Mumbai.
  • The campus has 15,000 employees working for Jio alone, plus hundreds of consultants and service providers.
  • There are large guest houses and hotels.
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  • RIL has put on show everything In a single hall from its e-payment mechanism and music-streaming app to its messaging app.
  • sleek Jio smartphones sold at a fraction of the cost of an iPhone .

reliance jio reliance jio

  • There are many connected cars and even a replica home.
  • Mukesh Ambani’s son Akash, is Jio’s head of strategy.

One company insider said,

The Jio logo is actually a mirror image of the word ‘oil’, reflecting in a way RIL’s journey from oil drilling to data mining.


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