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Reliance Jio SIM in High Demand : Thousand of Waiting Across india

Reliance Jio SIM in High Demand : Thousands of Waiting Across india!

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  • Thousands for queuing up to get a Reliance Jio SIM
  • SIM comes with 3 months of free usage
  • This includes unlimited mobile data

After announcement of Reliance There was been a lot of demand for the Reliance Jio SIM in the virtual world.

With people queuing up in droves at Reliance Digital, Digital Xpress, Digital Xpress Mini stores, and other select retail outlets in the hope of getting their hands on a Reliance Jio SIM.

Why is in High Demand?

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  • The calling tariffs in India are among the lowest in the world.
  • Mobile data continues to cost a premium, with just 1GB of 3G/ 4G data per month costing over Rs. 250 in most circles on popular operators like Airtel and Vodafone.
  • This makes the demand for a Reliance Jio SIM – which is now available for all 4G phones at select outlets, but only for owners of smartphones by 13 manufacturers.
  • Jio SIM comes with 3 months of unlimited calling, SMS, and most importantly, unlimited mobile Internet usage.
  • The SIM is available free of cost as Reliance Jio is still testing its network, a move that has upset the incumbent telecom operators, but users need to submit their KYC documents.
  • Each Reliance Jio SIM also comes with access to Jio services like JioOnDemand and JioBeats.
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 How to Get a Reliance Jio SIM for Free:-

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Here are some tricks:-

1) Make friends with someone working for Reliance

  • Know someone who works with Reliance.
  • The company allows employees to refer a certain number of people to get Jio SIMs.

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2) Buy a Lyf phone

Just walk into a Reliance Digital Store, ask for a new Lyf phone, and you’re live on Reliance Jio. You can get a phone for around Rs. 3,000, and you’ll get three months of free, unlimited Internet access and calling along with it.

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3) Get a high-end Samsung phone

  • Samsung offer is the top-down method.
  • If you’ve got one of the following  Samsung phones, then you just need to download the MyJio app, and tap on “Get Jio SIM”. Here are the eligible phones.
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4) Get a JioFi Portable Wi-Fi hotspot

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  • One of the easiest ways is to get the JioFi router.
  • Launched first for HP customers, anyone can now get the JioFi router, with three months of free 4G data.
  • You have to pay Rs. 2,899 for the wireless compact router.
  • That still works out to less than Rs. 1,000 a month for free, unlimited, fast data.

5) Ask nicely at your local Reliance Digital

  • Walk in to select Reliance Digital and Xpress Mini stores and get their hands on a Reliance Jio SIM, complete with the Jio Preview offer.
  • The catch is that the offer is only available in select outlets, which can offer Jio SIM cards to customers at their discretion.
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See some pictures of queue

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Bhubaneswar: People queue-up to buy Jio sim cards at a Reliance Digital store in Bhubaneswar on Aug 24, 2016. (Photo: IANS)

Bhubaneswar: People queue-up to buy Jio sim cards at a Reliance Digital store in Bhubaneswar on Aug 24, 2016. (Photo: IANS)

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