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Right Time to have Fruit ?

Right Time to have Fruit ?


Undoubtedly eating fruits contribute to good health and provides a range of other benefits for your body. Nevertheless, you must follow some simple guidelines so that you eat fruits the right way. Eating fruits as and when you like doesn’t do much good. Therefore, it is essential to know when and how to consume fruits in order to fully benefit from it.

Right time to eat fruits:

Eating fruits first thing in the morning is preferable as you gain all the nutrients your body requires, which keeps you nourished and energized. Eating fruits on an empty stomach promotes good health and helps you shed the extra kilos. Additionally, it also prevents digestive problems and keeps you in good shape as your body fully absorbs all the vitamins, good carbohydrates and fiber present in the fruits.

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Eating fruits between breakfast and lunch is also an option that can help you maintain a proper diet. If you choose to have your fruit helping after breakfast, it is essential to adjust the proportion and time of both the meals accordingly. A fruit helping after breakfast should keep you full for at least two hours, thereby ensuring proper digestion. Make sure you balance your meals accordingly and do not end up overeating.

Why fruits should be avoided after meals:

Even though fruits have high nutrition value, it also contains calories. If you consume a bowl of fruits just after your meal, chances are that your body may get more calories than it requires. No matter how healthy fruits are, eating them after meals can cause significant weight gain. Also, it is essential to keep in mind to not make your diet fruit heavy as then your body is deprived of nutrition present in meats, vegetables, dairy products and whole grains.

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It is of utmost importance that you avoid eating fruits just before going to bed. Fruits contain a lot of sugar which can, in turn, increase your energy levels thereby, keeping you awake when you need to sleep instead.

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