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Snapchat Camera Sunglasses launched

Snapchat Camera Sunglasses launched, Snapchat Sunglasses with Camera, Snap Spectacles

OMG !! Snapchat launched Snapchat Camera Sunglasses

  • Snapchat, a company best known for its messaging app, is to sell sunglasses fitted with a built-in camera.
  • Evan Spiegel, the 26-year-old Snapchat CEO, unveiled the company’s first hardware product – Spectacles
  • He also announced rechristening of Snapchat to Snap Inc.
  • The glasses will cost $130 (8700 INR)
  • The inbuilt camera will be powered by a battery capable of lasting a day.
  • The footage itself will be recorded in a format will be viewable in any orientation.

 Snapchat Sunglasses with Camera

  • On the front of the glasses will be a light which will show when the camera is recording.
  •  The company hopes that the product, due to  cost considerably less than Google Glass, will appeal to the mass market of millennials.
  • It is the latest innovation by the company which in July launched a new section called Memories.
  • The section was designed to automatically store pictures, videos and stories which users could revisit and re-edit later.
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Snapchat Camera Sunglasses launched



But the real questions are whether people will want or need Spectacles when they already have a camera phone, how Snap Inc can avoid them becoming geeky or creepy, and how they might change the future of the startup and how we capture social media.






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