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Surrogacy Bill 2016 Introduced In Lok Sabha To Ban Commercial Surrogacy videos

Surrogacy Bill 2016 : Introduced In Lok Sabha To Ban Commercial  Surrogacy .

NEW DELHI: In a move to ban commercial surrogacy, a bill was today introduced in the Lok Sabha which also seeks to protect women from exploitation and ensure the rights of the child born through surrogacy.

  • The Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill, 2016 was introduced by Health Minister J P Nadda amid noisy opposition protest over the government’s demonetisation move.
  • Once approved by Parliament, there will be a complete ban on commercial surrogacy, but altruistic surrogacy will be permitted for needy infertile couples under strict regulations.
  • The bill entitles only Indian citizens to avail of surrogacy.
  • But foreigners, non-resident Indians (NRI) and persons of Indian origin (PIO) are not allowed to seek surrogacy in the country.

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  • Homosexuals, single parents, and live-in couples are also not entitled for surrogacy.
  • Also couples who already have children will not be allowed to go in for surrogacy, though they would be free to adopt a child under a separate law.
  • With no law governing surrogacy, India has emerged as a surrogacy hub for couples from different countries.
  • There have been incidents concerning unethical practices, exploitation of surrogate mothers and abandonment of children born out of surrogacy.
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Surrogacy Bill 2016 : Introduced In Lok Sabha To Ban Commercial  Surrogacy .

  • The bill allows surrogacy only for legally married couples after five years of marriage and with a certificate from a doctor stating that they are medically unfit to produce a child.
  • Women within the age group of 23 years to 50 years and men aged between 26 to 55 years will be eligible to go in for surrogacy.
  • In an attempt to check commercial exploitation and middlemen, the surrogate mother can only be a close relative, like a sister or sister-in-law who is married and has at least one healthy biological child. A woman can be a surrogate only once in her lifetime.
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What is Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill 2016 :  facts about the bill.

1. According to the Bill, only Indian couples, who are married  atleast 5 years can opt for surrogacy, at least one of them prove to have fertility-related issues.

2. Since only close relatives, not necessarily related by blood, will be able to offer altruistic surrogacy to the eligible couples.

3. Also the new Bill has put a complete ban on commercial surrogacy.

4. It also bans unmarried people, live-in couples and homosexuals from opting for altruistic surrogacy. Now, foreigners, even Overseas Indians, cannot commission surrogacy.

5. A woman can become a surrogate mother only for altruistic purpose and under no circumstances she will get payment for it, although payment should done towards medical expenses.

6. Surrogacy regulation board has set-up at both Central and State-level.


Surrogacy ban Bill 2016 .


7. The law will be applicable to the whole of India, except for the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

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8. All Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) clinics should register.

9. Surrogacy clinics will allow to charge for the services  in the course of surrogacy, but the surrogate mother cannot pay.

Surrogacy Bill 2016 11

10. Commercial surrogacy, abandoning the surrogate child, exploitation of surrogate mother, selling/import of human embryo have all been categorise as violations that are punishable by a jail term of at least 10 years and a fine of up to Rs 10 lakh.

11.Since under the new bill, the clinics will have to maintain records of surrogacy for 25 years.

12. While the surrogate child will have the same rights of as that of a biological child.

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