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Watch Rings Movie Prank Video | The Girl Emerges From a TV

Watch Rings Movie Prank Video

  • On Monday, Paramount Studios released a promotion video for their upcoming movie, “Rings,” in which they pranked customers shopping by dressing up an actress to look like the notorious Samara from the 2002 horror and having her creepily crawl out of TVs to scare shoppers.
  • According to a behind-the-scenes video, the prep for this elaborate prank meant building a fake wall inside a real store in upstate New York, then covering it in televisions showing trailers for Rings.
  • Hidden behind one of the lower television screens was a hidden compartment where an actress dressed up like the creepy Samara would emerge to scare customers, riffing on the premise of The Ring‘s video viewings.
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  • As would be expected, the customers react accordingly to the blood-chilling prank.
  • According to a representative from Paramount, the video has 106 million views and 2.8 million shares so far.
  • “Rings” opens in theaters Feb. 3 and is the third installment in the franchise, coming 12 years after the “Ring Two.”


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