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WhatsApp messenger : all recent news in one view, must know about it

WhatsApp messenger all news in one view,  You must know about!

  1. Whats app’s new policy
  2. whatsapp’s GIF Support
  3. WhatsApp as a Game-Changer for  Health Care
  4. WhatsApp For Business Messaging

1.Whatsapp messenger new policy

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There are top most Things You Should Know:-

  • 1.WhatsApp will begin to “Coordinate”  It’s user’s accounts with Facebook.
  • 2. This will help Facebook to  offer more targeted advertisements on its own platform.3. But WhatsApp will continue to be ad-free.4. Facebook would start mining WhatsApp accounts for data.
  • 5.WhatsApp messages will not be shared to Facebook nor  others to see and be  shared with third parties.
  • 6. The communication on Whatsapp will also be continue to be encrypted end-to-end.
  • 7. Users who belongs to Businesses will now be allowed to create accounts on WhatsApp.
  • 8. The focus will on that users are not spammed.The users can block such messages.
  • 9. Current users will have up to 30 days to accept the new policy terms.
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2.whatsapp messenger GIF Support

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How to Use or Creat GIF:-

  • Click on attachment in any WhatsApp conversation
  •  Use camera to record a video
  •  In the app’s video trimming interface, tapping on the video icon on the top right will turn the recording into a GIF
  •  Now all you need to do is press ‘Send’.

3.WhatsApp as a Game-Changer for Health Care

According to a servey doctor are  instant messaging to patients now a days.

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4.WhatsApp messenger For Business Messaging

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  • Facebook paid a staggering $22 billion for WhatsApp.
  • WhatsApp had lots of users at the time but Facebook already had lots of core services users, as well as a lot of Messenger users and Instagrammers. WhatsApp didn’t have a proven ability to generate profit, thus the questions about why Facebook would pay so very much for it.
  • The answer is now confirm.

WhatsApp’s privacy policy is getting a retool and allowing businesses to message the billion or so people who use the service.

WhatsAppers confirm that they are allowing companies to send messages that are still largely deliver via SMS.

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