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Zombies RTI : A Guy Filed a RTI About Zombies to Government

Zombies RTI :

About Zombies RTI:

Ajay Kumar of Mumbai reportedly posed a question you always wanted to know but were too afraid to ask! “Is India prepared for a zombie apocalypse?”

  • It can hardly come as a surprise when someone decides to ask the Indian government if they are prepared for an attack by zombies.
  • One Ajay Kumar from Mumbai filed an RTI with this urgent query.


He said in his RTI application.

“I am concerned about the readiness of our government in the event of invasion by aliens, zombies and extra dimensional beings,”

 “Can we do it without Will Smith?” 26 year old Kumar, added.
He was referring to the Hollywood actor who fights zombies in the film I Am Legend and tackles aliens on earth in the Men in Black film franchise.
Understandably, the copy of the RTI that was with the Home ministry has gone viral.

Zombies RTI  : A Guy Filed a RTI About Zombies to Government

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Here Is the Pic Of That RTI.

rti-zombies1Reply From Home ministry:-

The government has not take it as a joke and seriously Replied the RTI.

In its response, the Home ministry has stated that the query refers to a “hypothetical situation” and therefore does not fall under its purview.




In Kumar’s Word:-

  • Kumar told HuffPost India tha RTI isn’t a joke.
  • “It may sound funny, but this was a protest,”
  • “I filed the RTI as an act of political protest against the entire intolerance fiasco,”
  • Kumar said that he wanted to waste a public official’s time as a form of revenge.


You can also find this RTI on yourti.in

Zombies RTI  : A Guy Filed a RTI About Zombies to Government

  • I am sure they would have also  spent time to look up the word ‘extra dimensional’ to understand what it means,”
  • “It’s shocking that a government that is so focused on national security has absolutely NO PLAN on what do in case of an alien invasion,” 
  • “Where is our Area 51?
  • Are we all going to solely have to rely on Will Smith and the US in case of an invasion?”


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Zombies RTI  : A Guy Filed a RTI About Zombies to Government

However, Kumar said that it is absolutely “shocking” that the ministry had leaked his RTI requests.

He Claimed:-

  • “This goes against the entire spirit of the RTI procedure.
  • This may have been leaked in jest but the leaking of RTI requests could have serious consequences for someone’s lives,” also .
  • While Kumar has been filing RTIs as a form of protest for sometime now.
  • A couple of months ago he had raised queries related to the slogan, ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’. Among his queries were the questions ,
  • “Is Bharat Mata a protected emblem or ensign in India?
  • What is the difference between Jai Hind and Bharat Mata Ki Jai?
  • Is there any official memorandum or direction by the Government of India to say Bharat Mata Ki Jai?”

    The Home ministry had responded saying that they have no answer to the query.







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